Book #30: Gaslights and Graves: A Collection of Steampunk Paranormal Collections by Various Authors

Steampunk with a twist! 

SIX paranormal steampunk adventures from today’s bestselling and award-winning authors. There’s something for every steampunk lover in the collection of mad science, twisted fairytales, myths, ghosts, vampires, shifters, magic, techno-fantasy with settings such as gothic romance, urban fantasy, Victorian, and so much more. 

I haven’t read the other stories yet, but I have read Lexi Ostrow’s City of Light and Steam. And so, my review is of just that story. I’ll read the others later on and review them as well.

City of Light and Steam is a paranormal dystopian story. It is romantic, filled with inventions, and sets up the reader into a dark world filled with disease and vampires. That’s right, vampires.

Sometime before the events of the book, the world has been plagued with a disease carried by the wind currents. This disease somehow made people who breathed it in into vampires. The vampires are very similar to other vampires in vampire lore. They drink blood, get weakened without it, have some extra strength and speed, and are susceptible to the sunlight. They are also organized.

But, the vampires is only a piece of the narrative. The real story deals with the two leaders of the rivaling guilds: Steam and Electricity. Steam Guild leader, Raven, goes on a dangerous mission to make peace with her rival guild. There, she meets who she believes is Christopher, the Electricity Guild leader. That’s right, she believes him to be Christopher. In actuality, he is Benjamin, Christopher’s cousin and the unwilling next leader of the guild.

You can fairly well imagine what happens in a story that has a dangerous disease, infected monsters, a rivalry, and secret identity. What’s more, this isn’t the only book in the series, just the first.

All in all, I found the story easy to get into and a quick read. I did find myself loving Ben, but not so much Raven. I can see how Raven will start to grow on me, but for now, she’s not up to Ben’s standards.

This is a romance and the attraction between the characters is there.

This is a good beginning to a series and I will be looking forward to reading the sequel when it comes out.

Final rating: 3/5

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