Book #32: Cakespell by Gaby Triana

15-year-old Rose Zapata is an aspiring professional baker (with a secret crush) who’s only seen love in the movies. But all that changes when she discovers her late grandmother’s vintage baking tools in her grandpa’s closet. Along with a family secret: Rose is a witch–a kitchen witch. And after accidentally releasing her nana’s matchmaking “Cakespell,” Rose is the only one who can wield its power. 

When news spreads about Rose’s love-infused goodies, classmates, teachers, and even her crush, Caleb, flock to her door. As business booms, fame does too. Principal O’Dell enlists her in the school’s Battle of the Bakers, everyone wants a taste of Rose’s cake magic, and even her overprotective mother begins to feel the Cakespell’s sweet effects. 

Can Rose whip up some love for herself before she drowns in orders, or will the Cakespell overtake her life? A story about family and friendships, Cakespell will have you believing in love, magic, and the power inside us all.

Cakespell is like birthday cake. Everyone needs a good birthday cake. It’s a cake that brings on a new year and celebrates life and love. It’s a cake that is needed in everyone’s life. Cakespell is a birthday cake.

Triana’s writing instantly pulled me into the story of Rose Zapata. Rose loves baking. Her dream is to one day own her own shop and spread love to the people who buy her baked goods. As a baker, I love this. I try to have the same happy mindset when I’m baking and it really is important in the food that is made, even if you don’t believe it.

With Rose though, the magic is real.

After a birthday cake sprung a proposal for marriage, Rose goes on a mission. A mission to see if Cakespell is the real deal, a mission to find love for herself, and a mission to bring her bakery dream a reality.

This is a confectionary filled fun book that had me smiling and crying with Rose. I loved the dynamics of the characters and the amount of love put into their relationships with Rose. This is definitely a book I recommend for my contemporary reading friends and the friends who love a bit of magic with their romance.

final rating: 4/5

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