Book #43: Dark Magick by Cate Tiernan

I love Cal Blaire. He taught me about wicca. He helped me find out who I am.

But now we share a secret. A terrible, dark secret that binds us together, even as it tears us apart.

I don’t know Cal anymore. I don’t even know myself. And I don’t know who or what to trust – except my magick.

The Sweep series is a series I’ve been rereading now for a while. I almost have all the books (just missing one now). Why did I decide to buy the books and reread them? Well, because I missed them.

They were my first fictional opener to Wicca. Not my first ever introduction to Pagan beliefs, just my first fictional introduction. There aren’t many witch based stories where the magic isn’t noticeable but felt. Not saying the magic can’t be seen in Sweep. It can, but it is usually small or seen in results not in a flourish of fancy glitter lights or movement of a witch’s hand. The magic in Sweep is very close to the magic of day to day witches: intent and faith.

Okay, enough of my little random moment there. Onto the review.

Dark Magick begins where book 3 left off. Our main character is flipping a shit for lack of a better term because she believes she has killed someone. Throughout the book, she does the right thing and tries to fix what she has done. In the process of that, she learns some dark secrets about the boy she loves.

This series is a short series. Each book is roughly 200 pages or less. That said, it is very easy to spoil the series as a whole. For a series written in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, it isn’t bad. It isn’t dated and it can be read by a person today without an issue. The books are quick to binge and not a problem to get through. Personally, it’s like a teen tv show: not bad, but not exactly oh my god amazing.

Like the previous books, this one ended on a sort of cliffhanger to pull the reader into the next book. Which I did the next month because I could.

Final rating: 3/5

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