Published Again!!! Check it out! TALES FROM ALTERNATE EARTHS VOL 2

A Writing Update to make you all smile! I have another story out there in the world!! Yep, I am in ANOTHER anthology!

This time it is a scifi/fantasy anthology about alternate dimensions. Think this: What would happen if the Salem Witch Trials didn’t end?

That’s what my story, “The Accused”, is about. It’s set in the 1990’s, 300 years after the Salem Witch Trials of our universe. But, in the universe of my story, the world is very different indeed.

It was a great experience working with the other authors and making this anthology happen. I can’t wait to see what people think of my story. Check it out and visit all the alternate worlds me and the other authors have to offer! It will be available in both print and ebook (print is currently underway so keep an eye out). The link is below the blurb.


The successor to the Sidewise Award winning Tales From Alternate Earths is here. 

Step into the worlds that might have been, the worlds of alternate history where climate change plunges the Earth into a frozen landscape, where the Moon landings may not have happened the way they did in our world, where a 10th century polymath invents the glider and changes the world, where Jacques Cousteau’s successors create an undersea city, where Soviet astronauts are feted as heroes as they lead the way in space, where time travel runs wild and where fairy beings tiptoe into reality. All this and more. There are Americas of a different tilt, an alternate path steering away from world war, and nations where the most dangerous thing is knowledge. 

Authors Jessica Holmes, Daniel M. Bensen, Rob Edwards, Leo McBride, Christopher Edwards, Gideon Marcus, Casia Courtier, Jeff Provine, Cindy Tomamichel, Brent A. Harris and Bonnie Milani show us the world that might have been – if the world had taken a different path. 

This is the seventh anthology from Inklings Press, as we continue to open the door onto different worlds, with a foreword by Sidewise Award winner Daniel M. Bensen.


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