Book #58: Skeletons in the Attic by Judy Penz Sheluk

Calamity (Callie) Barnstable isn’t surprised to learn she’s the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate, though she is shocked to discover she has inherited a house in the town of Marketville—a house she didn’t know existed. However, there are conditions attached to Callie’s inheritance: she must move to Marketville, live in the house, and solve her mother’s murder. 

Callie’s not keen on dredging up a thirty-year-old mystery, but if she doesn’t do it, there’s a scheming psychic named Misty Rivers who is more than happy to expose the Barnstable family secrets. Determined to thwart Misty and fulfill her father’s wishes, Callie accepts the challenge. But is she ready to face the skeletons hidden in the attic?

I received a copy of this audiobook through Audiobook Boom! The review that follows is my honest opinion. There has been no compensation.

I have to say, this book didn’t end the way I was expecting. And after a few days of listening to the book, I’m still not sure where I stand in it.

The writing is well done. It pulls the reader in and never lets go. Though there isn’t much in action, there is a mental process at work. You get to experience the MC, Callie undergo her investigation on the disappearance of her mother. Which only poses more questions by the end of the book.

Yes, the disappearance is explained in the end, but there is still so much left unanswered that I’m led to hope that it will be in later books.

Callie is a strong enough character and I was able to relate to her. She definitely showed a stubbornness that she claimed to have, but there was a loyalty to her. I found that she was a heroine I wanted to see succeed.

I am still unsure about the supporting cast as characters, but so is Callie. It really makes the experience interesting. Would I read more? Maybe.

Final rating: 3/5

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