Book #60 : Capture 2: Flirtation with Darkness by Various Authors

~ Can a human capture a heart of a creature of the dark? ~ 

Presented by the award-winning anthology publisher, Enchanted Anthologies. Capture, book two, brings together five dark, paranormal romance stories just in time for Valentines Day. 

Embracing Darkness by Zizi Cole 
Crispin is the king of the shadows. After being alone years, he happens across a light that fascinates him. The catch she’s human. Can the light embrace his darkness? 

Unconditional Lust by Breanna Hayse 
The massive, hideous merrow leader, Muruch, craves the taste of human flesh. Confined to the ocean, he feeds his horde with sailors from ships pulled into the maw of the Bermuda Triangle. When US Army Captain, Nurys Shaye, puts her life on the line to save him after being captured, his hunger for human flesh is shadowed by the desire for her body and her love. Will she be able to see past his appearance and trust him to break down her walls and teach her to feel? 

Luck of the Irish by K. L Roth 
Darcy O’Dell has inherited more than just her Irish heritage. A curse, a Leprechaun and hot as hell Irish man all wait for her in Ireland. 

Song of the Siren by Amanda Leigh 
She snuffs sailors out like they’re her personal playthings. Until she sees him. What happens when they come together? 

Silverwolf Alpha by Jessi McPherson 
Her green eyes taunted him as he slept. She was under his skin and he wanted nothing more than to be under hers. 

These stories are intended for readers aged 18+

Let’s begin this review with a few facts: 1. I am one of the contributors to the first Capture anthology. 2. I have never read this specific book UNTIL 3. This audiobook was received without compensation for an honest review. Everything that follows below here is honest and my words alone in my opinion. I was and will not be compensated for this review.

Now that the nitty gritty is out of the way, I want to start off saying that I didn’t care for the narrator. There were some stories that she felt right for, but overall, I wish there was a different one. That said, there did seem to be an issue with the microphone or audio quality so maybe that’s what made it a little difficult to listen to the narrator and it wasn’t the narrator but the equipment that was the problem. I’m not sure. All I know is that I didn’t merge into the story worlds as I would have liked.

Since this is an anthology, I’m not going to go into every story, but the overall piece of work. There were stories that had me. I personally liked the first and last story and the Siren one did grab me at places. I felt writing quality wise, all the stories weren’t bad.

However, some did feel rushed. Now, I actually expected that so it wasn’t too big a deal. Except for maybe one story that had an ending that made me double take for a moment. Honestly, that story was probably not my favorite because I was trying to figure out the world it was set in. This story was probably the worst when it came to the narration too. So, that didn’t help.

That said, the anthology itself isn’t bad. It was a good break between other reads and I’m happy I was able to get a copy to review. The stories chosen for this anthology are well made and do fit together in some way.

In all, not a bad read.

Final rating: 3/5

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