Book #67: The Psychokinetic by Grace M. DeLeesie

Edinburgh, Scotland: On a rainy night in 1479, twelve expectant mothers gave their lives so their unborn daughters could live. Falsely accused of murder, the twelve coven-sisters cast a spell to send their girls to a time when they would not be prosecuted for their blood heritage as Earth Witches. Unknown to the mothers, an ancient evil followed the daughters to rid them of their powers and take them for his own. 

O’Neill, Nebraska: In present day 2015, not all weather changes can be predicted. Erika has fought every day for the control she has over her psychokinetic powers. While she cannot deny the pleasure she takes in creating rainstorms or cloud formations, she is very much aware of how dangerous her powers can be if her emotions are left unchecked. So Erika watches her every move…until one day when Fate had another plan for her.

I received a copy of this book and the sequel from the author for an honest review. That said, I actually purchased the audio for convenience of the time. This review is still completely honest and in my opinion. There was no compensation in this.

The Psychokinetic is a quick young adult romance with a supernatural subplot. It starts with a group of teen girls, each with their own special ability. The main character in this book is Erika, a Psychokinetic. Whenever she is stressed, the weather goes haywire. After a certain event in school, her abilities go crazier than ever.

It turns out that in order to gain control, she has to find her other half.

The romance to this book felt pretty instalove for me. Though it was described in a way that it could work for the fictional world. Honestly, what bothered me more was the lack of connection to the blurb.

The blurb insinuated that we would learn something about the witches. Maybe not early on, but something. That said, there was no hint and I was hoping for it. It made the story more romance and it was . . . Well, not a favorite.

That said, I do have book 2 and it is about one of the two girls I found interesting. So, I still plan on continuing it.

Final Rating: 2/5

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