RELEASE DAY: Raven’s Prince by R.L. Weeks

Romania is nothing but a painful memory to Raven after Emmett was trapped in the underworld because of her choices.

Now, she is back in London, and settling into her new, lonely life, that Rosalie is suspiciously forceful she maintain. She takes on Emmett’s businesses, posing as his wife, and desperately searches for some normality.
However, a man, only known to them as ‘The Magician’ is killing in cold blood and setting fire to houses just to get her attention. Threatening notes, dead family members, and her family home turned to ash, Raven has never felt more scared.
When Tom, her former crush, turns up at her doorstep, she is forced into action.

Meanwhile, in the underworld, Emmett is with Raven’s dead best friend, Elizabeth. To contain the underworld and all the evil it holds, he must embrace being the Prince of Darkness. But, can he embrace becoming the thing he had once hunted, and hold the values of the things he hated?

Raven and Emmett are destined, but the veil keeping them apart is also the only thing separating good and evil. One moment of weakness could kill them all.

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