Book #13: The Mad Countess by Erica Monroe

When two best friends become lovers, their scandalous path to happily ever after is fraught with danger in this emotional, Gothic novella from USA Today Bestselling Author Erica Monroe.

Theodore Lockwood, Earl of Ashbrooke, has been in love with his best friend, Lady Claire Deering, for as long as he can remember. Claire too harbors a secret desire for him–but a witch cursed her family with madness, and she’s terrified she’ll only hurt him if they act on their feelings. When a will reading at a mysterious castle in Cornwall brings them both together on All Hallows Eve, they’ll work to break her family’s curse…and find true love.
This novella was previously released in the Mystified anthology.

The Gothic Brides series: edgy, atmospheric Gothic Regency Romance, exploring the dark, twisted corners of England–these books are not for the faint of heart. The Gothic Brides battle tortured past and face dangerous, suspenseful circumstances on their road to a hard-won happily ever after. Each book stands on its own.


The Mad Countess was one of the books that I finished during last month’s 24in48 readathon. I was in the mood for a quick historical romance with a bit of fantasy. What made it better was that this was considered a gothic fiction.

I like to say that I don’t like romance but I’m actually a bit of a sucker for historical romance. I also love gothic fiction. So, this was a great escape from other books that I usually read.

The story itself wasn’t a bad one. It was pretty clear cut. It did have a dark ambiance but that darkness didn’t stray the romance away. The romance was… decent. Boy and girl know each other, are best friends, and they end up solving a mystery in order to be together.

It was an okay book. A decent beginning to a series. But I just wish there was maybe a bit more conflict or gothic suspense.

Final Rating:  3/5

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