BOOK #19 (REVIEW): Guild by Terry W. Ervin II

You can’t hide in an RPG forever.
Eighteen years ago Tom, a barber college student, got trapped in the Monsters, Maces and Magic game world as Josiah the thief.
The first two adventures saw all of Tom’s party members, also trapped within the game world, perish within the fetid depths of the Dark Heart Swamp. His subsequent stint adventuring with NPCs proved short lived. He preferred survival.
Over time, Tom became Josiah, adopting a life blending in with the game world’s NPCs. He gave up advancing as a thief, trained as a lay healer, and works as a barber, cutting hair, pulling teeth, lancing boils and functioning as a low-level operative within the local thieves’ guild.
But life, even one lived as a faux NPC, can get interesting. Such happens when a young half-goblin thief named Gurk shows up in Josiah’s shop, looking for information.
Little did the pair know that the unobtrusive barber shop would become a focal point in a brewing guild war.

Praise for Monsters, Maces, and Magic
“Exciting and hilarious! It feels like a true game with friends.” Dueling Ogres Podcast

I received an Audible code via Audiobook Boom for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation made for this review.

I love fantasy. Give me a five man band, a quest, and an elaborate world any day. Give me intrigue. Give me action. Give me D&D. Yeah, I play D&D, so what? (if you care, I prefer my fighters and barbarians. Usually humans and male. One day I’ll get to play a half-orc).

Anyways, when I see a fantasy audiobook about a person stuck in a RPG, I was won.

Guild is a short action packed story that feels like a single campaign day. It isn’t the first in the series but it can be used as a standalone. I was pulled into the world and could see the rules of the world unfold. Like the comment about this book just under the blurb, this really does feel like a game. A fun game that I am going to have to continue.

If you love fantasy and action, this is a fun quick read that keeps your attention. I was able to listen to it while working and it made the work day very enjoyable. I did have a few weird looks with my random giggling though. So, beware on that.

All in all, I’m going to be listening to the other two one day.

Final Rating: 4/5

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