Kezzy Sparks
Publication date: October 31st 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Thriller

A thrilling introduction to the dark mystical world of Melanie ‘Breaker’ Perkiss, Buffalo NY’s most capable witch hunter and spell lifter.

In this debut instalment, a dark mage acting on behalf of a vengeful ex has magically removed the genitals of a man and vanished, leaving him wiped clean down there. And unfortunately for the victim, he is set to wed…now imagine saying ‘I do’ while in that deprived state.

No wonder when a shell-shocked and heartbroken Casey walks into Melanie’s office to report the incident, the witch hunter immediately goes on a chase, risking her own life as she encounters dark creatures and malevolent spirits in the city’s darkest corners.

The pressure is indeed on Mel: the wedding is fast approaching and leads remain few. Will she be able to corner the mage, recover the taken goods and save a doomed marriage, while bringing the conspirators to justice?

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I received a copy for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. I was not compensated for this review.

Heist is the debut urban fantasy by Kezzy Sparks. What got me wanting to read the book was definitely the blurb. There is something about a man losing his bits that gets a girl interested. Especially under such a time constraint.

For me, starting the book was rather difficult. The third person narrative felt very noir-ish, which wasn’t so much of a problem, but then continuing the rest of the story in first person was a bit confusing. But, only at first. Once you learn about the magical fish Melanie Perkiss has, you kind of just get pulled in.

The magical theft theme to the story was an interesting twist in the urban fantasy genre. I mean, come on, losing your private parts by magical means is so interesting! You never see that. The action is well done and I really like how Melanie stands as a heroine.

All in all, the book is a good addition to your urban fantasy collection. It stands well as the first book in a series and I wouldn’t mind reading more.

Final Rating: 3/5


Author Bio:

Kezzy Sparks is a Toronto based author and writer. HEIST is his debut fiction in the long form. He enjoys reading as well, and lists works by Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Benedict Jacka, Dan Brown and Kevin Hearne as some of his personal favorites.

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