RELEASE DAY: Dark Hollow Lake Collection 1 by various authors (including me!)

Today is the day! It’s been a while since I posted something about my own writing, but rest assured I’ve been getting things out there. I’m just having trouble focusing and putting everything together in time.

Enough of that though! Today is the release day for Dark Hollow Lake Collection One! There is a second collection heading its way too, but in this one, yours truly is in it.

My novella is Knock Twice For Yes. It follows the story of a ghost hunting group hoping to make it big on television. After all, ghost hunting shows seem to be a hit right now. What is their awesome plan?

To go to Dark Hollow Lake, a tourist town with rumors of missing persons and cryptids. So the town has to have ghosts! What they didn’t expect was the dark in the town’s name is just a bit too accurate.

My book isn’t the only one in this collection and nine other authors are just as kickass (if not more). Check it out, read it, and post reviews. This is my first bigger project and I’m excited to see what people think!

💧Dark Hollow Lake Collection One💧

Releasing June 29th

Dark Hollow Lake isn’t your ordinary resort town. Beneath the murky waters and hidden within the mountainous forests, there are more secrets buried in Dark Hollow Lake than anyone has ever cared to uncover. Until Now….

Join Cruel Ink Publishing on a vacation to Dark Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
10 Authors. 10 thrilling novellas. All taking place in our not-so-quaint resort town.
Come for the ski slopes and beautiful lakeside cabins. Stay for the murder, mystery, and mayhem.

Included in Dark Hollow Lake: Collection One,
The Descent by William Joseph
Wolf Moon by Melinda Terranova
Deep Waters by Brigitte Ann Thomas
The Demon Rite by H.N. Donnelly
Knock Twice for Yes by Casia Courtier
Ossified Vestiges by Jennie L. Morris
Dance of the Morning Cloak by CJ Warrant
Iris Viola by Pasithea Chan
Killer at Dark Hollow Lake by K. Moore
The Legend of La Lechuza by Krystle Able

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