Blog Tour (Excerpt): Witch’s Choice by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Witch’s Choice
Crimson Moon Hideaway Book 1
by Natalie-Nicole Bates
Genre: LGBTQ F/F Paranormal Romance
When Neyla Bennett receives an invitation to participate in what she thinks is a quiz show, she is immediately suspicious. But the offer includes an all-expense-paid vacation to the Crimson Moon Hideaway resort and that’s just too good to pass up.
When she arrives, she receives a rude surprise. Witch’s Choice is not a quiz show – it’s a dating show! To make matters even worse, one of the contestants is her former love, Tullie LaCroix, who left Neyla years earlier without an explanation.
Tullie is still as beautiful and sexy as Neyla remembers, and she wants to resume their relationship. But when the truth of Tullie’s desertion is finally known, will it bring the couple back together or tear them apart for good?

It was a glorious day in May.

Neyla Bennett stepped from the black sedan and removed her sunglasses. The car crept away along the circular drive after the valet fetched her bags.

The lemon yellow sun shone brightly against the china blue sky, and the weather was warm. Neyla had a distinct feeling that something wonderful could happen during her stay at Crimson Moon Hideaway.

And to think she fought against taking this little vacation.

Without her knowledge, her sister Magdalena, known to most people as Maggie, had applied for Neyla to be a contestant on a reality show.

Just those words, reality show, caused a shudder all over. In her mind, it conjured visions of being locked in a coffin full of bugs or having to put leeches down her bra.

Just ridiculous, not to mention embarrassing!

But Maggie assured her there would be no bugs or leeches and it really wasn’t a reality show in the sense everyone thought. It was more of a quiz show.

A quiz show. Well, this perked her attention. One thing Neyla was proud of was her encyclopedia knowledge of useless information she held in her brain. She took in the beauty of her surroundings and of the redwood building she stood before. All tucked away in the forest. A luxury resort especially for those like herself – the paranormal kind. It might be nice to just be herself for once, a proud witch, and not have to keep her identity a secret to humans. Even if it was only for a few days.

Natalie-Nicole Bates has worn all the hats in the publishing world – reader, reviewer, author, and now small publisher with Perfectly Poisoned Press. She has the ability to see the point of view of everyone involved with the love of books.
With a taste for the darker side, Natalie-Nicole’s favorite genres are Dark Victorian, Steampunk, and Dark Paranormal. Her interests include collecting Victorian-era photographs, Frozen Charlotte Dolls (her latest batch was just delivered from a German excavation site after being buried underground since about 1860), and antique poison bottles. She loves exploring and photographing cemeteries – the older, the better!
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