Book Spotlight: Uranus by Eva Delaney and Jewels Arthur

You may have heard of soul mates… But how about solar mates?

When the hot band Not A Vampire plays in Silver Springs, it sets the stars on a collision course and six lucky women find their solar mates.

With amazing music and an accidental spell, this concert is sure to rock Uranus’s world. Will the planets align so that Uranus will find her perfect mates?








β πŸ”΅β πŸ†β πŸ”΅ ⁠Meet Uranus! β πŸ”΅β πŸ†β πŸ”΅β 


Yes, that is her real name. Her parents claim she was conceived “by the light of Uranus” one special night. They were very, very high.

Uranus is an RH rom-com that combines Eva Delaney’s dildo powers and Jewels Arthur’s peen powers!

You read that right… Two of the craziest authors are co-writing this beast!

Unlike their other books, this one will be published wide. That means it’s on Apple, Kobo, B & N, Google Play, Amazon, basically everywhere!

Find the links here:



Meet the Authors!


About Eva Delaney

Eva is 98% coffee. Her hobbies include writing, procrastinating writing, and feeling bad for not writing. The rest of the time, she makes up songs about her cat and dog and sings to them. They don’t care for it.

Sign up for updates about her new releases and receive free bonus chapters at her website:

About Jewels Arthur

Jewels Arthur writes steamy RH RomComs, that often feature very sassy females. Much like herself. She lives in Central Illinois with her husband, daughter, and twelve year old kitty.

Swoons are her jam. She spends all her time watching TV/movies, reading books, and listening to music that makes her swoony. When she isn’t doing that she is drooling over her fictional characters or making book related graphics.

Jewels has thousands of story ideas always flowing through her brain and she can’t wait to share them all with her readers. One thing is for sure, they will all feature steam, smut, and swoons.

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