Managing Me

Lean back in your seat and imagine that you’re back in school- middle or high school is preferred. You are assigned a locker, you have friends, and a great printed schedule that has classes you are both excited for and hate with the same vitriol only a hormonal teen can feel. But, what else is there?

In my old schools, we were given a school planner. It had it all: fun facts, the multiplication table (which I used constantly in my case), the school calendar, and the individual days set up in little rectangles to write up my to-do list. But that all changed when I graduated. Not only did I have to buy a planner if I wanted one, but they didn’t have that same school feel. I was used to one type of planner and was hit by a brand new type. One that I had complete control over.

And I was lost. So very lost.

As the years go on and I age, I have learned that time management is one of the hardest traits a person needs. I have no management. I want to do everything, be everything, help everyone, but there isn’t enough time. There never is and never will be. And with my need to be the best I can, I drop something or let it falter just slightly and then I am freaking out and doing the whole self-loathing thing. You know what I’m talking about.

I have tried bullet journals (too much work), regular planners (not consistent enough to keep up), and electronic schedules (probably the most efficient, but I am constantly forgetting to set an alarm). I set alarms on my phone- do you realize how easy it is to turn those off? I have debated on a babysitter. Not for Bug, but for me. Yes, I’m the one. Alas, that’s even more money than a babysitter for a child and I can’t get myself to do that.

The thing is, we all struggle with it and if you say you are great at time management, you are lying. But, what do I do? I wake at five. Before the sun is up in the air and I write. I don’t often write a lot, but it’s the best time for me to write. I sometimes write during lunch break or after work, but mostly it is before dawn.

I still have a planner, but it’s very minimal. Most of my to-do notes are on whatever journal I’m currently using to write by hand. It’s not the best solution and I would love to learn other ways, but they are what I have so far. What do you do?

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