2022 TBR, Book 3 (Review): Double Linked by Lexi Ostrow

Cassie was more than heiress to the syndicate throne, she was signed, sealed and delivered as a peace offering to another pack.

Lorenzo knew Cassie was his mate the moment they met. The forced wedding was just pushing the process along.

Linked together, the wolf pair have to come together to protect their packs from the DIB.

I received a copy of Double Linked from the author for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

Lexi Ostrow is quite possibly one of my favorite paranormal romance authors. I believe I’ve read close to every one of her books. And, to be honest, I plan on rereading a few of her series’. I also love her contemporary romances, but Double Linked is a paranormal romance set in her world with the DIB, Demon Investigation Bureau.

The DIB is introduced in Accidentally Linked, another paranormal romance. The bureau is a government organization set to hunt supernatural. Think the tv show Supernatural meets X-Files. In Double Linked we are introduced to the wolves, a group of wolf shifters who run Las Vegas.

Double Linked has a few of my favorite romance tropes: enemies to lovers and forced marriage. Add in the wolfy shifting and I am 100% in.

The overall story is short and sweet. It is an easy single sitting read, perfect for a reading quickie to clean the palette. That said, I feel it might have been too short. I wanted more of Cassie and Lorenzo. I want more about the packs and their mafia-esque dynamic. Dare I say it, I may want a mafia wolf shifter romance series. Hint, hint, hint.

The writing is well done with perfectly placed steamy moments with our hero and heroine. You can feel the tension between them and for a short novella, you do get to know the characters fairly well. I still want more though. Guess that means I need to read another Ostrow book to get my fix. Twist my arm.

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