Book Tour (Review): The Prince’s One-Night Baby by Juliette Hyland

The Prince’s One-Night Baby
Juliette Hyland
Published by: Harlequin Medical Romance
Publication date: October 25th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

The prince is shocked when he unexpectedly meets the beautiful midwife again, but he’s yet to find out the biggest surprise of all… Find out what happens in this captivating royal romance by Juliette Hyland.

A passionate encounter…

…with royal consequences!

Meeting midwife Calla on his flight home makes Dr. Kostas’s long journey far more exciting. Especially when their instant attraction leads to a red-hot layover! But Kostas can offer only one night of pure passion. Because, unbeknownst to Calla, he’s also a prince—with no intention of inflicting the pressures of royal life on anyone again. So it’s a shock to discover they’ll be colleagues at his new clinic…and an even bigger shock is heading their way…

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

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I received a copy of The Prince’s One-Night Baby for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

Ask any child-bearing woman who has dealt with labor, you would know the pain is horrible. But if you had the two main characters, Dr. Kostas and Calla, on your side, the pain would be bearable. Brought together during a medical emergency in flight, these two quickly fall in lust. It isn’t until later that they find out they will be working together. But how difficult is that really going to be? Pretty difficult when you have a small island nation watching your every move.

This book was an instant love for me. Two of my all-time guilty pleasure tropes are here: royalty and a one-night stand. It is cute, an easy one-sitting read, and brings an eternal smile.

Juliette Hyland does a great job giving both Kostas and Calla self-esteem and perfection issues. Their problems stem from different pasts, but both are easy to understand. Kostas is sweet, understanding, and a pretty healthy male lead. Sure, he has daddy issues and doesn’t know how not to let people’s expectations take over his life, but I can relate to that. I can also relate to Calla’s need to fight when the idea of being perfect appears.

The heavy issues are well-balanced with the chemistry between the two characters, ending us with a healthy romance. And I have to admit, I love a good healthy romance.

This review doesn’t have much to say, but suffice it to say that I loved reading it and would read another Hyland romance. This book is for you if you love medical romances, the one-night stand trope, or royalty love interests.


Author Bio:

Juliette Hyland believes in caffeine, hot drinks and happily ever afters! She lives in Ohio, USA, with her prince charming, who has patiently listened to many rants regarding characters failing to follow the outline. When not working on fun and flirty happily ever afters, Juliette can be found spending time with her beautiful daughters, giant dogs or sewing uneven stitches with her sewing machine.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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