Inspiring Webcomics

I am a bit of a webcomic nerd. I just love reading new webcomics that are free and made by freelance artists. These people aren’t doing it for the money, they are doing it because they love the art they make. What’s even better than their own stories, are the fans these people inspire. I am one of these fans. Every time I read a new update from a few favorites, I am just waiting anxiously for that next update. I am inspired to make my own artwork, and ultimately bummed out when I can’t seem to get the hand to look like a hand and not a mitten or piece of hamburger.
*sigh* These web-artists inspire me to want to write, make my own webcomics, and even make visual novels. Naturally, I have yet to do any of it, but the fact that I’m inspired says something. There are quite a few that really get those creative juices flowing. Here’s a list, (just because I feel that these guys need more exposure):

Note: These are just a few of my favorites. I could keep going, but then this post would be just too long. Another cool thing about these webcomics is the links feature, where a reader is able to see other webcomics. I’ll be honest, that’s how I find most of my favorites. ^_^

Disclaimer: None of the work featured in the accompanying sites are mine and I was not asked to write about them. It was something that came to mind and I felt that the fact that they inspire me, they could inspire someone else as well. If I have offended the artists of these sites, that was not my intention and I am deeply sorry about that. I can edit this to your needs if needed.

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