Observations of Morning Sickness

Supposedly there is 75% of pregnant women get morning sickness. I happen to be in that percentile and believe me, it isn’t fun. Here are just some of the observations I have made about my specific brand of morning sickness. Of course, I’d love to hear if anyone has experienced the same.

1. My mouth is its own weapon. I can now throw up from what seems like across the room and make it into the bowl, no splashes.
2. Peanut butter tastes the same coming back, but when you eat the creamy it comes back chunky. I’m just glad I don’t eat the kind with the peanuts still in them.
3. Smells trigger the projectile weapon. BBQ, Seafood, Cigarettes, Dog poop, you name it, it probably will trigger it.
4. Salad is disgusting coming back. The lettuce can somehow tickle the insides of your mouth.
5. I am able to not only vomit via the mouth but also the nose. My, I’m talented.
6. When it is time, I get little to no warning. You know the game SIMS? Well, that’s me right there. Joy.
7. Dry heaving is never fun. And I sound like a raptor when going through it.
8. Eating too much and drinking too much water at the same time causes an overflow.

There may be more, but these are the important points. Naturally, I’m sure none of you wanted to read this but deal with it.

3 thoughts on “Observations of Morning Sickness”

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