Proud Mommy

I am 21 weeks pregnant and already I am proud of my baby. Hell, the child isn’t even born yet and here I am hoping that this kid is going to make my husband’s life interesting and mine a bit more normal.
Just what did my little bun in the oven do? The baby kicked. I don’t mean the butterflies and occasional “Hey, you!”, I mean my child kicked when I asked it to. Just a few days ago, my husband came home from work early and wanted to have a nap on the couch with me. So, I was pinned between folded clothes and my husband’s head on my lap.
You see, my husband and I are extremely playful. We will throw clothes at each other, tickle, wrestle of even bite one another at odd times. So, me being playful, I told the baby to kick daddy’s head. Naturally, my husband heard it and moved his head just slightly away from the tummy. The baby did indeed kick, about three times, right where my husband’s head was laying. My husband didn’t feel it, but the baby did something for me! I’m so proud of my child.

2 thoughts on “Proud Mommy”

    1. Whoops! Just noticed the error. lol Thanks. ^_^ I fixed it now. Clearly I need to reread what I write before posting. lol That’s what I get for writing in free thought, I guess.

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