Being a Productive Penny Today!

I am in a great mood today! I love being a Productive Penny. So far, I have fed my friend’s cats, almost completed all the Christmas shopping, (just my daddy, one of my brothers, and my husband left to go), I have clothes in the dryer and clothes in the wash right now, I have my OB appointment set up, and thrown out the trash in my car! Now, all I have to do is some more clothes, dishes, recycling, trash, straighten out the dining table, and might as well work on the rest of the house too! Woot! Hopefully sometime this month or next month we can get the baby’s room painted and decorated. Also, I need to clean out my office, our bedroom, and make piles of clothes to keep, trash, and goodwill. I’m feeling really productive today!
This is good because, well, I didn’t make my NaNo word count. : ( I know next year I will make it though. Also, I find that if I’m productive the first day of the week, the rest of the week will be just as productive. I’m getting more done than my husband! HA!

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