An Online Writing Community

One of my biggest worries is that I will never get published. Since I am a big planner kind of person, I have scoured through books and websites all about how to get published and how to keep writing. One of the biggest things is joining a writing community. The only time I ever joined a community was during my English writing classes. The experience was fun, though I could do with less teacher and more community.
I wouldn’t mind joining another one, so I went on search of one via the net. The problem is, being pregnant, I will not have time to leave the house to meet people on a weekly or monthly basis for that community experience. Also, I’m not one to venture to a room full of strangers. I prefer having people I know with me. For multiple reasons: 1. I hate being without people I know. 2. I’m more comfortable with people I know. 3. The people I know don’t sugar coat things… no matter how much I want them to.
And so, I am going to start an online group of my own. Get my friends to join and possibly meet new people who will become friends. First, I’m planning on doing it via Facebook. After all, I have no idea how to start a website or forum, both I want to do for this eventually. Naturally, I’m going to need people who are interested in this first.

2 thoughts on “An Online Writing Community”

  1. I recently started a writing community of sorts but nothing along the lines that you expressed in your post. It’s more of a way for bloggers who have a blog to branch out and write about other topics especially sharing their culture and country. If you are interested we would love for you to be a part of it. I hope you are able to start/find the community you seek.

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