A Person From Another Time

It has come to my attention that ultimately I have been born in the wrong time period. I am a personal believer in reincarnation and I am a firm believer that my past life was in the turn of the century. I love the fashion, women had curves and grace. Men were dapper and charming. Technology and scientific discoveries were being made left and right. And the beginnings of human rights were forming and being established. There was the birth of genre fiction. There was the birth of the typical novel. There was the birth of sensationalist magazines. All of these things made the turn of the century so interesting, so unique, and so amazing.

Yes, there are some bad things about this time period, but really, in 100 plus years children will be looking at our present in disdain. Every time period has their good and their bad. And for some reason, I would love to be in a time where women were beginning to make their mark in the world through voting and humanitarian work. I would not care to be the “hysterical” woman stuck in an asylum, but there were other “treatments” to hysteria. One of which is a man helping relieve a woman’s stress through physical means. Ever wonder when the vibrator was made? Yep, the turn of the century.

And since I love this time period, I have come to fall in love with its literature. I love the classics of today and the smut of the past. Did you know, for instance, that there was something called the penny novel or dime novel? They were little novels that only cost a dime or penny and were sensational fiction to the time. Stories about Billy the Kid or Varney the Vampire were rampant during this time period and made available to the public. I wish we have that here and now. I would love to read or even own a copy of a penny novel. Just to have one brings tears of excitement (I know, I’m obsessed. I’ve heard it from everybody).

Since I have this need to want a penny novel so bad, I have come to the decision that I will make my own. Why not use a blog to establish a monthly edition to the literary world? Of course, it will be free for the masses, but in the future it may bring up some clout. I even have a story in mind. It has been on my mind since Poetry writing class a year or so ago. It is a story about love, betrayal, torture, murder, and sacrifice. It is the typical sensational story, but I’m more than willing to write it. I plan to take a year to plan it and then, it will have it’s own blog site purely for it. Every month there will be a new addition to the story until it is complete. Only a chapter a month, but more than enough to pique people’s minds.

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