A New Addition

I would have updated my blog earlier, but I have had a pretty crazy two days as of late. On the 6th of March, I was minding my own business being bored watching tv and debating on leaving the house early to go shopping for some arts and crafts to keep me occupied before work. I had just finished a nap and was waddling (as most pregnant women of 38 weeks would do) towards the bathroom where I would commence the ritual of relieving the bladder. Only a few steps away from the bathroom did I notice that a large pool of liquid was beginning to come out of me. If you’re thinking I peed myself, no I’m sorry, it did not feel like that kind of release. If you were a master at wetting the bed or accidents in elementary school like me, you would know the difference. Yes, my water broke.
And so, the boring day of watching tv and doing minor chores ended with the excitement that I would be having my baby earlier than planned.
Through hours of contractions and a surprisingly easy affair of natural childbirth (to my recollection of course), my baby boy was born on March 7th. He was weighed at 7 lbs. 3 oz. and 19 ¼ inches in length, but above all he is the most beautiful little thing on the planet. You wouldn’t think that a baby just born would look this darn cute, but my little man is. He looks like his father, but clearly has some physical attributes from his mother. He is the physical representation of both of us and he is perfect.
Naturally, I am extremely tired, but I can live with that. All that I care about is that my baby boy is healthy and safe. Right now, he is crying underneath a crazy looking light that is supposed to bring down his yellow-ness. Some slight jaundice isn’t all that unusual so I’m not too worried. I’m just glad that I have my boy here to love on and not in NICU. It makes me realize how painful it is for other mothers who have to go through that. I almost cry thinking about it.

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