My Little Man

Today marks the first week of my little man’s life. I honestly find it amazing that I was able to last this long. Never have I seen myself as a mommy and now, I don’t want to see myself as anything else. This week has been a week of discovery for me. Already I know the little subtleties of my little guy. I can see the similarities that he shares with both his father and I. I know how to calm my baby boy down. In one week, I have learned more from him than I have with many people I know. It can take months or years for someone to learn as much as I have. And naturally, I’m surprised I haven’t screwed up this mommy business.

Just as I have learned a lot about my boy, I have learned something about me. For one, I never thought I would really love being a mommy. I’ve always wanted kids, but for the most part they have always taken a second spot on my mind. It was always finishing school, be published, and find my soul-mate that was on my mind. Children was in the plan, but in the distant future. Now, knowing this little person has inspired me to be a better person. I want to stay healthy for my boy. I want to accomplish all of my dreams. And ultimately, I want to inspire my son to be who he wants and to do what makes him happy. When I said I needed motivation to be a better person or just to get me off of my ass, I never knew just how much of a motivator my son would be. I cannot wait to be a mommy to his little siblings. First, I need to know my son a bit better, but I’m still excited and ready for more. I am more than just blessed; I am in love with the world.

He is just one of the miracles that make life amazing.

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