Games and Tablets

I am one of those people who likes to keep saying no and pretend to hate something, but secretly want it so bad that I use it more often than anything else. This is the case with my tablet. I am absolutely in love with this thing.  In fact, I am writing this using my new stylus on my new tablet. I have already begun using this for my book, writing scenes out before typing it on my laptop.

Speaking of my book… sadly, I am not doing so hot in August’s camp nano. It is only day two and not a single word has been written. I know the reason why too. I haven’t finished my first book. I am so into what I am writing that I don’t want to write something else. I haven’t been this way with a project since fifth grade. That’s about thirteen years ago! Though I’m not done, I am thrilled to be like this again.

On the game front, I have found a new love: hanging out and play board games. I already knew it’d be fun with Crys, Hime, and Ant, but it’s great to call Chels a new friend. I am glad to call her my sister.

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