Rhode Island and Craziness

For the past few days I was on a trip visiting my mom in Rhode Island. From the very beginning I forgot my computer. This meant I was stuck having to write by hand. It was refreshing to go back to what I started with a long time ago. However, from that point on, I was doing everything imaginable that was stress related. Not by choice either. I misplaced my camera, found it, misplaced my hotel key, found it, and then came the train ride back. In the beginning, it was an easy ride. Minimal spot up from bug and great seating. That changed by the time we got to New York. At the train station there, we had to incorporate another whole train full of people. Every seat was taken and people were standing in the aisles. They were also sitting in the grating between the train cars. As if that and a crying baby was not enough, my suitcase was mistaken as another persons suitcase. I have s it now, but the added stress wasn’t what I needed. On top of that, I came home to a messy home. Apparently, my husband doesn’t know how to clean. With all of that pushed aside, the trip was s a great. It was good to see my mom. I miss her. Luckily, she’s coming back home for the weekend. It’ll be great to see her and the little ones.

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