Random Thoughts

I’ve been thinking…

My book “reviews” are terrible. They don’t really give a lot of information. Most of it is my opinion and thoughts on the books I’ve read. Which is PART of a review, but really, no one really knows what I’m talking about when I type what I feel about a book. I really need to work on that.

And so, I’ve come to a decision…

Starting NEXT YEAR, I will be more professional in my book reviews. Maybe by doing that, I can eventually learn to be a better writer and get ARC’s. Granted, that will be a while, but one can wish, right?

I’m going to try and tackle every book in my bookshelf that hasn’t been read and then some. Granted, I’m already making a nice dent right now. I have a goal to read 10 more books that I already own before buying more books. So far, I’m on book 1 of those 10. It’ll be book 14 (or the other two I’m reading will be… depends on what gets finished first).

On a writing note,
I have five chapters left to write. Technically, it’s four and a half chapters. I’m so excited to get the first draft done! It’s the biggest battle to this. Everything else will be smooth sailing… well, as smooth as editing and rewriting can be. On a plus note, once I’m done with the draft I will be working on the first draft of the second book. I’m going to work this way just because I have the story fresh in my mind.

I also have two other story plots in my head. Woot!

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