Boredom Brain vs Busy Brain

In January, I was the busiest I have been in a while. Aside from the holiday buzz and getting Bug back two school, I was busy working, trying to keep my house from going completely disgusting, and writing my ass off. I am sure quite a few friends and family had the annoying daily dose… Continue reading Boredom Brain vs Busy Brain

Taking a Shower is the Writing and Publishing Process

Don’t believe me? Let’s see. Before you take a shower, what do you do? I personally start up the water to my preferred temperature and get undressed. This is essentially the outlining and brainstorming process of the writing. You are taking out the unnecessary bits and getting down to what matters in the story. Once… Continue reading Taking a Shower is the Writing and Publishing Process

A Senseless Button

Okay, yesterday after a great playdate with a coworker of my husband's, I came home to see SPACE BALLS playing. It's a funny movie, but really my heart lies with BLAZING SADDLES. Anyway, I'm watching the movie and it comes to the Schwartz fight sequence between Lonestar and Big Helmet. And then it hit me:… Continue reading A Senseless Button