A New Year With New Releases

It's a new year and like always, here's my favorite post to make: the resolution post. No matter how rough the year is, as soon as it's January 1, I feel ready to start a new day. I woke up this morning without any aches or sluggishness despite not falling asleep until around 2am. Already… Continue reading A New Year With New Releases

It’s Been a Long Time

Hello, Everyone! It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Consistency tends to be difficult for me in general, but lately, it has been worse. My Goodreads review rating is low, too, because I haven't been posting my reviews there. You might be wondering why. Or, you could just be shrugging right… Continue reading It’s Been a Long Time

It’s a New Dawn, A New Day, A New Year and I’m Feeling Good

  Happy New Year! Let's be real here, I love new year's day. There is something uplifting about reflecting over the past twelve months and setting goals for the future. I love challenging myself and have on many occasions added more to the proverbial plate than I should. In many ways, that's how my 2021… Continue reading It’s a New Dawn, A New Day, A New Year and I’m Feeling Good

Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021!

By the time you read this, the new year would have begun. 2020 has been a year of pain, struggle, hate, and love. We can all honestly say that this year was difficult for everyone. But, let's look at the small positives (and I do mean small): more and more people are recognizing the struggles… Continue reading Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Please read because new things are to come!)

Goodbye, 2019 and hello, 2020! It is the year of perfect sight and we should all be more observant. Okay, that sounded better in my head. But, honestly, this is definitely going to be a good year. Why? Well, I'm here, aren't I? I honestly don't remember what my resolutions were for 2019 and I'm… Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Please read because new things are to come!)

YouTube Here I come!

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Do one thing every day that scares you." A while back, I had talked about possibly doing YouTube. I had been playing with the idea for a while and decided to bite that bullet. I don't have much experience in video editing and I can't say I'm the most attractive thing… Continue reading YouTube Here I come!

King & Kenzie Week: Writing like Stephen King and Reading like a friend

A while back, a friend had shown me a YouTube video of her following the process of Stephen King for a day. It got me thinking, what if I do it for a week? So... I did. And failed. And then another friend suggested I read like her that same week. Again, I failed. That… Continue reading King & Kenzie Week: Writing like Stephen King and Reading like a friend


  In 1947, Montgomery Studios is one of the biggest and most successful movie studios in Hollywood, churning out hit after hit and taking normal, everyday young men and women and turning them into stars. Once a year, Montgomery Studios hosts a contest through The Next Ingenue Magazine to find a new Hollywood starlet. The… Continue reading A BOOK IN NEED OF BOOK BLOGGERS!

It’s New Year’s Eve!

It's that time of year again where we reflect on the previous year and welcome the new. 2018 for me has been filled with stressors, both good and bad. After about sixteen years, my cat Journey passed away. Though I'm not crying every day now, it still hurts. I've also had some good things in… Continue reading It’s New Year’s Eve!