A New Year With New Releases

It’s a new year and like always, here’s my favorite post to make: the resolution post.

No matter how rough the year is, as soon as it’s January 1, I feel ready to start a new day. I woke up this morning without any aches or sluggishness despite not falling asleep until around 2am. Already I can tell you that 2023 is going to be filled with releases, new ventures, and events centering my future as an author.

I’ve been maintaining this blog for over a decade and in that decade I have written hundreds of book reviews, met authors, and began my own author career with two books.

Oh wait, make that three.

Allow me to introduce my newest release that came out TODAY!

Codename: Top Secret January released today. It is the first in a twelve novella book series all set during the cold war and features the spy world. Below is the blurb:

During a playful game of hide and seek, one orphan finds an unknown person’s remains inside a tree.

War veteran turned reporter, Arthur Ashcroft is assigned to the story, and it could make his career. With his photographer, Penny Compton, the two travel to the small village of Thornhurst. There, they investigate the human remains found inside a wych elm.

What begins as a true crime report brings out a secret the government would rather keep hidden. A valuable secret that everyone wants.

Will Arthur and Penny find the truth or is the woman in the wych elm forever lost?

Click here to get your ebook or paperback.

But wait . . . More is happening.

My next release this year is a sapphic mermaid romance (titled: Song of Storms) that will be published in a collection with other great authors. And after that will be a historical fiction set in the antebellum south where a Greek muse finds her inspiration again in a free black pastor (titled: Roadmap to Freedomland).

Out of the two upcoming books, Roadmap to Freedomland is my most important book. It’s not difficult to see that the story of enslaved people or black history is not my story, but I am going to do my best to make sure that it is respectful to the harsh history that still prevails through systemic disadvantages.

Aside from these two upcoming releases, I am also going to be signing books in an event in October!

If you are in the DC area in October 6-7, come hang out with us! There may be a new author for you to check out.

I’m excited to be doing this. Not only am I a participant, but I will be able to meet with authors I have been following.

As for the rest of the year, we’ll see what happens. I want to try and do a weekly blog post about my writing and of course you’ll still be seeing me participate in blog tours but maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in other creative things. For now, on the more personal level, I’m hoping to be finally settling, plan an upcoming marriage, and get my Bug into the middle school of his dreams.

May this year be as good as it can be for everyone.

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