It’s a New Dawn, A New Day, A New Year and I’m Feeling Good


Happy New Year!

Let’s be real here, I love new year’s day. There is something uplifting about reflecting over the past twelve months and setting goals for the future. I love challenging myself and have on many occasions added more to the proverbial plate than I should. In many ways, that’s how my 2021 had been: challenging.

I finalized a divorce, which, for future reference, can be time-consuming when a lot goes on during the separation period. I had a few months being a part of an editing team for a BIPOC female-owned gaming, anime, and nerd culture site. They are amazing people with great opinions. If you’re a nerd, check out AGN.

And on top of just the everyday hustle, I self-published two books (Cafe’ Reads and The Rose of Rudolph Canyon)! To say 2021 was a good year would probably be accurate for me. It was difficult and a lot of hard work, but if I compare 2020 me or even 2019 me to today, I’m realizing I’m a fucking badass (and you are too!). Back then and now.

I know how hard it is to think of yourself in that way. Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) have been my constant companions, with depression coming in and out for over two decades. It isn’t easy to look at yourself in a nonjudgmental way. But, for me, that came with practice by writing characters who are similar to me and watching them take control.

That is the beauty of being a writer. I am capable of seeing myself by creating people with my traits. For that, I encourage creative writing.

Anyway, with the new year already a day or so in, it is time that I tell you all what to expect and what personal goals I have laid out for myself. In short, 2022 is the year of the author.

The Resolution List

  • Every week, there will be up to three posts (with room for more). Mondays will be about me and my writing journey. Wednesdays will be a book review. And the week will end with some writing tips on Friday.
  • I want to relaunch on Youtube. I want my videos to be entertaining and educational that don’t necessarily have to do with writing tips, but something a bit closer to my literary education from college. I’ll be honest, I miss literary theory and essays.
  • I will be publishing two new books (possibly three or four).
  • I want to start freelance writing.
  • I want to progress in my education with my writing career. This means more writing classes, marketing courses, and just overall fun education because I’m weird and find learning fun.

But What Books Are Coming Out in 2022?

It is confirmed that there will be three books published in 2022, with the possibility of four or more. What are the books? When will you see them? Well . . . here you go!

  • Cafe’ Reads Volume 2 is a multi-genre collection of short stories. Like the first Cafe’ Reads published in 2021, some of the short stories are from anthologies already published. The publication date is February 2022.
  • The Roadmap to Freedomland is a fantasy historical fiction in the Nine Muse series published by Quill and Lantern Publishing. My book features Polyhymnia, the muse of hymns, who goes to the mortal realm in order to do what she does best, bestowing her gift of hymns. This time, she wants her hymns to inspire freedom not war. The historical setting is pre-civil war. The publication date is June 2022.
  • There may be another one or two works for publication in 2022, but I am not rushing into them. I have a few I’m playing with in my head. 

All others that may come will probably be from anthologies or literary journals I submit a story to, but if I’m able to self-publish another book, you better believe I will be posting it up here.

In Conclusion

There is so much more I would like to do, but my list is pretty challenging enough. What do you have planned for 2022? Are you big on resolutions as well? What about my resolutions and WIP list have you excited about? I’d love to know your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to comment.

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