A Senseless Button

Okay, yesterday after a great playdate with a coworker of my husband’s, I came home to see SPACE BALLS playing. It’s a funny movie, but really my heart lies with BLAZING SADDLES. Anyway, I’m watching the movie and it comes to the Schwartz fight sequence between Lonestar and Big Helmet. And then it hit me:

Why do spaceships in science fiction movies have a self destruct button?

I know, I know, technically the Death Star doesn’t have a self destruct button, but it does have a weak point that is fairly accessible for the good guys and they were able to shoot it down. The point is, there is a self destruct item somewhere in the ship itself. Why? Why in the world would you want to be in a ship that can explode and you will die?

And then another thought hit me… what if you were on a great spaceship and you happen to be a clumsy person? That would seriously suck. You would forget to tie your shoes, trip, and BAM ten seconds till self destruct.

And then there’s the timer issue… why have a countdown device for a self destruct button? Wouldn’t it be better to just explode? I don’t know about you, but I can’t run very well. I wouldn’t be able to make it to a safety pod in time. Instead, I’d be crying and praying in the last five minutes of my life. Never mind the fact that five minutes is not nearly enough time for a ship that holds thousands to find pods for escape. The Titanic took longer than five minutes to sink and there wasn’t time for everyone to go into safety.

That’s a lot of senseless lives lost all because of a senseless button.

And then it just popped in my head… what happened to the two storm troopers that Luke and Han beat up to get their uniforms? Are they in the Falcon? Did Han and Luke jetison the guys as they were hightailing out of there?

5 thoughts on “A Senseless Button”

    1. I could see it go either way, but what happened to the two men after that? Did they have a couple dead bodies lying in the ship or did the two guys run out and warned the whole troop that there were imposters among them? Sure, it isn’t answered in the movies and probably not in the books, but I want to know what happened to those guys. It’d be an interesting new view to the Star Wars universe.

      1. Oh geez, you mean the very first two that went aboard the Falcon! Um … hmm. I’d say Han stuffed ’em in one of his handy dandy smuggling compartments. Hopefully he just tied them up and then handed them over to the rebels, but I have a feeling we were two-Stormtroopers-less at that point.

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