Deadlines are called that for a reason

I hate deadlines. Seriously, who doesn’t? I mean, when you separate the word DEADLINE into two words you get DEAD and LINE. It literally means that you are at the end of the line. Can’t move forward. You are going straight to Jail and not passing Go.
The real issue about deadlines? I have yet to really make a deadline. You know what I mean. You are in school, you have a paper due for class. You’ve waited for three days before actually doing the research. And, what are you doing now? Well, my friend, you are typing your little fingers off, trying to finish before class begins. Technically, your deadline was that day, but you still kept writing until the class begins. Yep, everyone has done this at least once or twice. Hell, I’ve even gone to the point of not submitting the work.
The sad thing is, I made a deadline for myself. I have less than thirty days and I am nowhere close to finishing. I shouldn’t even be typing on my blog. But, people need to know, deadlines are called that for a reason.
You end up working yourself to death.

1 thought on “Deadlines are called that for a reason”

  1. Some people start their lives late. Are deadlines goals or ends? If they are goals, they can be flexible. If they are ends, then we are screwed. 🙂

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