Next Year’s Going to Be Great

I am a big list maker and I love making a list at the beginning of every year. Instead of one resolution, I can have up to many. Last January 1st, I wrote down two things: 1. Be a good mommy. 2. Finish a first draft. I can happily say that I’ve done both.

A lot of great things happened in March alone. I became a mommy to a beautiful baby boy and I got my first published short story through a literary journal I found online. I received $30 and it was the first time since preschool that I got paid for my work.

In preschool I had a makeshift bookstore instead of a lemonade stand. My next door neighbor, a wonderful elderly gentleman, came by and bought a book I wrote and stapled together. I made .25 and he helped spur that drive.

Today, I have checked out the prompts from the Literary Journal and boy, am I excited! All of the prompts next year are prompts I know for a fact I can have a story for. I don’t know if I’ll get published again and I’m sure a few of those stories, if not all, will be rejected. But, that’s life and I am beyond excited about writing for next year.

In case you’re interested in the website, the site is listed below.

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