An interesting blog idea

I have found that I love blogging. There’s something about displaying my opinions and having people read them that makes me feel empowered. I find that writing also helps me organize my feelings and thoughts (if you have read the earlier more ranty posts, you can see that is a perfect example). Also, let’s be honest, the more I write, the more I will be able to be what I want to be: A published and well known author.

Because I love blogging and writing fiction, I’ve decided to do something that incorporates both. It’s going to be similar to webcomics (comics on the web, go figure), but in the written word. What I am planning on doing is writing a blog that is completely fiction and is of a genre that is a personal favorite; horror. It will be written like a series of diary entries and be updated (hopefully) once a week. I’m hoping to showcase my work in this way and to show that I am more than just a ranting housewife (you are permitted to laugh).

I will start this project January 1, 2013 after I have updated this blog with my New Year’s Resolutions. I think this will be a fun experiment and maybe bring more people to read what I have to say.

1 thought on “An interesting blog idea”

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