Book Five of 2013: LUMINOSITY by Abigail Boyd


Just when she thought the dreams couldn’t get any stranger, Ariel Donovan is transported in her sleep to Dark. A dog barks, and she knows she must heed his call. During the journey, she finds what she lost long ago, and discovers how important it is in her quest to outsmart the Thornhill Society…before it’s too late.

First off, I know, it’s crazy that I had just posted about the previous book and ‘lo and behold: I have finished the third book in the series. I literally couldn’t put it down. If I thought the second book unraveled and was fast paced, the third book kept that pace and surpassed it.

We left off our characters with a lot of answers and then the last piece of the puzzle: Thornhill Society (a society of rich snobs who are trying to take over the small town). In this book, we get that final piece and are left with a terrible aftertaste. I would say more, but that would spoil the greatness that is what Abigail Boyd has made.

Writing wise it is a tad better than the second book. Ariel, the main character, is still a great person. She has grown so much in the last two books that I can’t wait to see what she does to make things amazing in the last book. Seriously, I’m now going to have to get the last one. Cliffhangers are pure evil.

Almost forgot to mention (and this is purely me gushing and not really pertinent), but: the dream sequences and two male ghosts are creepy and amazing! Never felt the creep factor with ghosts in a long time. LOVE IT!

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