This is Sad…

Lately, all of my posts have been about the books I’ve read so far. Isn’t it sad that I’ve been going through books like toilet paper and have yet to really make any update on the personal life or the life of my own literary creations? Well, here’s the update (in case you were wanting some of that).

The Bug: He’s being as lovable and nusty as possible. Nothing really special for my 10 month old angel, aside from the fact that he’s a lot more needy and is currently going through some kind of sleeping award.

The Husband: Will be detained from my love sometime soon. Gotta love the military. Honestly, I’m not all that bummed about it. Sure, I’ll miss him, but I’m a military brat through and through. These things are needed and happen all the time. I shouldn’t complain about my husband doing his job.

The Book: I am about 1/4th done with my book overall. That means out of the projected 33-34 chapters, I have 8 chapters finished. I am currently writing chapter 9 and am only 1/4th done with that. I’m hoping to get that chapter done sometime this weekend. Let’s see if I can make my revised deadline (Feb. 28th).

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