Today is a happy day

Even though I had a nightmare that resulted in bad emotions connected to a happy time in my life (which I thought I resolved, but apparently my psyche didn’t think so), today is starting to look good.

I’m about to read my 7th book this year which is a helluva lot better than last year. I knew I could read fast, but for some reason last year I tanked at reading. I think a good reason for it could be laziness, Bug, and then the book I was working on. It’s very difficult to read when you’re tangled in that mess. Luckily, I’m learning to balance everything out nicely. Not that I have balanced everything, but I am working on that balance.

And speaking of books: I won my first Goodreads Giveaway today! I will be receiving a book titled: LITERARY ROGUES. It’s about the life and events of well known authors who were rogues of their times. I’m very excited about reading it. Nothing makes me happier than free books. I have been getting a lot lately and I haven’t lost that initial giddiness.

It’s bad for my office though. I’m losing shelf space fast. I have about 1 1/2 shelf space left, and that’s between the three bookshelves I own. It looks like I’m going to have to start infesting the house, but I like having all of my books in one place. It’s like my buried treasure. I guess I could start piling books into boxes for used bookstores, but I really should read them before making that decision. Anyway, I would much rather just buy a new home that has a big room I could use as an office. That seems like an appropriate solution, right?

I think so.

And as for my book, I’m still on chapter 9 and I have handwritten most of it, but that’s a quick trip to the computer and I’m done. I think I’ll be doing that on Thursday because that day will basically be an all day affair at my mom’s house. It’d be silly to drive home at 10am only to be back before 2pm. I might as well just hang out the whole day there and get some writing done. Especially since Bug is napping at that time and I do have two short stories to work on.

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