Assignment 1

I am reading book #7 for this year and it is called THE FICTION CLASS. I had just read the first “chapter” of the book and in the end of it, an assignment for the class is posted. What’s cool is that after every segment where the main character is doing her class, a new assignment is posted up. I find this rather interesting and decided to make this sort of like a game. I mean, why not follow the assignments of the class?

And so, I’m going to try this out. It will help with my writing and it will be fun to be completely immersed in the book and its world. (even though I didn’t quite care for my Fiction class in college).

Assignment One: Make a list of your five obsessions then write a few paragraphs of one of them.

  1. My baby boy
  2. My husband
  3. Death
  4. Ghosts/paranormal
  5. Anything literature involved

What is probably the most interesting about me is that I am Thanatophobic. This means that I am afraid of death. The funny thing is, it isn’t dead bodies or killing bugs that bother me. It’s the literal act of dying.

What happens to us afterwards? If we do have souls, what happens to them? Are we sent to heaven or hell, depending on our moral standings alive? Or are we reincarnated? If we are reincarnated, does that mean we forget who we are completely? Would you want to forget who you are?

Those are the type of questions I think of almost on a daily basis. It can be triggered by something as simple as driving by a cemetery or even watching the news about someone dying. Whatever the trigger, I am always stuck in a panic attack. It’s not like I don’t know we all die eventually, I recognize and understand that. It isn’t even the method of death; if I’m killed or die of old age, it doesn’t matter, I’m still going to panic about the idea.

What’s really terrible about it? I can’t really be completely cured of the phobia. The common method of taking care of phobias is controlled exposure. If dead bodies aren’t really the focal fear, how are you supposed to control a phobia like mine? Yeah, I obsess a lot about death. That’s why I love life so much.

1 thought on “Assignment 1”

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