Assignment 2

Think of a person from history intrigues you. Napoleon? Cleopatra? Martin Luther King? Write a description of that person eating a meal. What would he/she eat? What would he/she be thinking about as he/she ate? What would they talk about? Remember: Bring your character to life!

His hands worked hard against the steak, cutting it into bite sized pieces. Bloody grease squished out between the folds of succulent meat. The fork jabbed into a piece. His mouth welcomed the savory piece with slight salivation.

He worked on it with determination. The same determination he had that got him this far in his life. People didn’t fear him because he was nice. They feared him because he did the unthinkable, and ate a steak while doing it.

As he swallows down the meat, he stretches. The sun is slowly setting and he can see the moon peaking through the shadows of the trees. He laughs to himself softly.

There haven’t been trees in the field for quite some time. He had his slaves tear them down and replace their foliage with sharp pointed ends. The shadows of what could be branches are the shadows of people. Some of them, his enemies, but most are his own people. Each of them slowly slipping down to earth in horrified agony.

Vlad takes another morsel and relishes in its taste. It’s delicate, but strong; just like his political methods. Sure, he could be considered evil, but his people knew better. He was protecting the larger whole with the sacrifice of a handful. No one goes after a man who kills his own people. No one who fears death.

And they all fear death.

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