Assignment 5

Like I said before, I doubted I was going to stick with the order of assignments. Anyway, here’s assignment 5! (And there really is a place, but I’m not sure if it’s been destroyed or not. It was near a large intersection and in the middle of my neighborhood at the time. I’m sure it’s gone now, but it was beautiful.

Except for the barking squirrels. They scared me.)

Write about a place that was important to you growing up, but don’t put people in it. Just describe it as though you were painting a picture with words.

There was this tiny meadow nestled between two backyards. There was this tall Wisteria tree, with tiny purple cones cascading down the vines. A small grouping of trees and brush were arched beneath the Wisteria, making a little hideaway that reminded me of a Hobbit hole. Only without the furnishings and polished look.

Little patches of green circles sprouted in every different direction. This was a land of faeries.

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