Assignment 6

I’m actually finding this very enjoyable! Even though I haven’t gone through the book as fast as I usually do, I have gotten a lot of inspiration from the assignments. Sadly, I’m not too sure about how I actually feel about the book. I am almost done though (111 pages left to read and then you’ll have my review to look at). Anyway, here is assignment 6!

Two people are having a conversation. It can be any two people you want, but this is the first line of dialogue: “Kiss me.” (on a completely personal note, I decided to do this with just dialogue, nothing else. I thought it’d make it more enjoyable for me).

“Kiss me.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not? Is it because of her?”

“. . . ”

“You don’t even love her.”

“She’s my wife.”

“So . . . what am I to you then?”

” . . . ”

“I see. . . goodbye.”

“Wait . . . ”

“Will you kiss me?”

” . . . “

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