Oh Well…

I am officially under medication and officially out of the medicated haze. I hate being all fuzzy. I lose interest in doing a lot of things. And so, my house is a mess and my book is untouched. Luckily, that’s all done now, but here’s an update on what’s going on:

Well, remember that blog idea I had a while back? I decided to delete it. I haven’t had the desire to update it in months and I honestly had no idea where I was going. I may start it up again, but for now, it was a failed project. I am keeping this blog though. It’d be silly not keeping up with this one.

My husband is leaving for deployment today. It’s a bummer, but I’m doing well with it. I’m just going to miss him desperately.

My second draft of my book is being tossed. The medicated haze gave me an epiphany: it’s boring. Too boring in fact. And so, I’m going to be writing a new version and hopefully be more excited about it. I’m going to do a NaNoWriMo-esque way of writing it. So, throughout all of March I will be writing.

Soooo, yeah, that’s all that’s been going on in my life. I’ve finished reading another book and I plan on going on a cleaning spree all of next week. It kind of helps that my husband won’t be here to mess it up. I’m sure I’ll have a clean house for the whole time he’s gone. Well, hopefully, because I’m not a very clean person either. We’ll see.

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