Oy Vey!

I haven’t updated in a while and with good reason. You would think that life would get easier in time, but does it really? No. It doesn’t. Here are just a few things that have happened since the last time I’ve written. For instance, the “e” key on my laptop’s computer is sticking. Most of my passwords have an “e” in it and, well, I like writing. You never realize how many “e”s you end up using until the “e” key starts being a buttface. I now have to use a back up keyboard that my husband has lying around. For once, I can be thankful for his hoarding.

Sure, I could get a new computer, but my husband has been using quite a bit of money and there have been numerous times that I needed to use money. Like the traffic ticket I got a week ago. It’s my first one and boy oh boy, had to get it paid or I’d be expected in a courtroom two states away from where I live. And then there’s the fact that I owe my dad some money because of the brake pads on my car. Did I also mention I ran out of engine oil at one point this week too?

On top of that, as if it wasn’t enough, I found out there are squatters in our boat and they supposedly hide their drugs in the property. Of course, I called the police and got that taken care of. AND, my husband’s generator that we had on the porch started leaking and forced my son and me out of the house. We’ve just now got home after a few days of “vacation” time at my dad’s. Daddy is seriously a saint to have us in the house and help me so much. You never realize how lucky you are until you need the help.

The funny thing about all of this? Though the Fates have decided to put issue on top of issue in my path, I’m still vibrant. I’m still happy. And above all, I’m even more charged to keep going with life. HAH! Take that, Fates! Though… it wouldn’t be bad having my husband home soon. That, and I can’t wait to end up moving… the first purchase in the new house (in God knows when) will be a new computer. Sounds like an update will be in order soon. I probably should look into backing up my files now. Oh well, in due time.

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