Book Thirteen of 2013: THE ANGEL’S KISS by Justin Richards


We first see this book in the Doctor Who episode “Angels Take Manhatten”. It is the book that the Doctor reads and the book that shows the last moments of the Pond companions. Though the actual book doesn’t feature that episode, it is a great read.

This is the story of the River Song when she’s not flirting with her husband.

We start the story like a film noir opening. There’s a monologue, an icky New York day, and a good looking client. River Song, called Melody Malone in the time period she’s in, is hired onto the job of finding out who wants the dashing client, Rick Railton, dead.

I love the narration of the book. It sounds exactly like the River Song I envisioned. Sure, she’s cocky, but that’s what makes her enjoyable. Even the Doctor is cocky and it is usually seen that a highly intelligent person needs at least one fatal flaw. For River, that’s her cockiness.

What I really love about this book is that we see the story before the episode. We learn where Julian got the Angel and what else a Weeping Angel is capable of doing. Sure, we don’t meet the Doctor or the Ponds, but it’s great to see River on her own adventure. For a fellow Whovian, this is an interesting take on a character. For anyone else, you might become lost.

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