I Caved

For the longest time I didn’t see a reason for a Twitter account. But now that it is common to have one and it’s slowly becoming cool again not to have one, I have one. Yep, I caved. I tend to do that once the novelty has worn out and it’s commonplace. It isn’t because of the popularity of it, it’s just because I felt now was a good time to have one. Especially since I’m beginning to write again and I KNOW this will be something. Which reminds me… I really should get on that right now. I want to have at least one chapter done before bedtime. Or at least, before it’s time for my nightly read. My goal is to get to page 300 of A GAME OF THRONES. I really want to get it done ASAP. There are just too many books for me to read.
Don’t you just love it that I go in tangents?

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