Five Days And Counting!

Yes, I haven’t really posted in a while. And, yes, I haven’t been very social on the net for a while. I could blame being busy. I could blame having writer’s block. But, really, I’ll blame that I was going through Husband Withdrawl (luckily, it wasn’t the catatonic annoying withdraw that Bella had when Edward did his stunt in NEW MOON. I’m not that pathetic).

Rest assured, my love is going to be home in FIVE DAYS! I’m hoping that with his arrival, the creative juices (and other juices) will begin to flow like normal again.

I have gotten a lot done though. My office feels bigger with my bookshelves painted white. My computer has been converted from a laptop to a quasi-desktop. I have been organizing the small kitchen by adding a spice rack and an oven mitt hanger. I am about to hang Disney pictures in Bug’s room, which will take away the nasty moving box. I had set up an over the toilet organizer. I’ve thrown out needless ugly mirrors. I’ve put up a coat hanger in the office. And that’s all off the top of my head.

I’m feeling pretty productive and good with myself through this deployment. Now all I need to do is start getting into my writing and blogging with a deployment going on. There have been plenty of times, but I never felt the need or desire until, well, five days from him getting home. I can’t wait to have him home. And yes, I do have a desktop countdown.

UntitledSee? I have a countdown going! ^_^

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