Book Thirty-Two of 2013: COLD CASE COP by Mary Burton



Even a cold case can heat up One year ago a wealthy socialite disappeared. No body was found, and the case was never solved. Lead detective Alex Kirkland knows all they had were dead ends. But when sexy, sassy reporter Tara Mackey decides to ask more questions, he respects her intuition enough to reopen the case.
Professionally, they’re a perfect match. Personally, Tara is wary of the sparks between them. Alex plays in a different league, one with money, power things she’s learned not to trust. And every step they take toward the truth and each other brings them closer to danger.

Okay, well, obviously this is a harlequin and like most harlequins, the romance is the focal point of the story. What’s great about this book is that there is a mystery involved and that mystery does take a big role in the book. What’s important for the reader is that the main characters have known each other for a while and then they start realizing their attraction runs deeper than physical.

I like that. It makes the romance believable. Because not every romance book should have a love at first sight feel.

I love Tara. She is feisty, strong, and opinionated. I could see her being real. Alex was a bit difficult, but as a personality, believable. It’s more of his background and the motivations of being a cop that confused me.

All in all, it isn’t a bad read. If you are in need of fluff, this is a book to go for. It’s fluffy, but not the half naked highlander all the time fluff. It’s normal fluff with a dash of conspiracy fluff. Sometimes, you just need fluff.

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