Book Thirty-Three of 2013: WHEN OCTOBER ENDS by JM Lee



After an environmental disaster, the world is no longer what it seems. Humans no longer top the food chain. Now they must watch out for beasts that rule the skies and roam the Earth. Not only has the worlds inhabitants changed, but also its shape. On top of it all an unknown force is threatening to destroy the Earth completely. The fate of the world rests in the hands of one simple teenage werewolf… but is she ready?

About a few weeks ago, I went to a local library convention and saw the author of this book. She seemed like a sweetheart and her books seemed interesting enough for me to want them. JM Lee wrote WHEN OCTOBER ENDS when she was thirteen and you can tell. But, I have no room to talk. She finished hers.

Anyways, I could see what Lee was doing in her book and I do like the bones. The bones are there, but the meat needs some tenderizing. I can tell she knows her world and her characters, but I couldn’t really feel them. I didn’t understand where I was and the motivations.

That said, I do know that she is republishing the book and I do know that she’s closer to college age than thirteen. I’m sure these things are in the back of her mind and I do hope she revisits them in her republished book. I would love to read the difference.

I’m still excited to see what else happens with her werewolf girl and friends. The fist book has great bones and I do have the second book. It’s fun to see how a person’s talent and work changes through the years.

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